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Management training underlines quality in crisis

...“In some companies indeed, we have found a prevailing power-oriented, maybe paternalistic management style,“ lead consultant at training and consulting company Interquality Ivan Miller told CBW.

“Those [companies] were not necessarily the successors of the historical state owned companies—such corporate culture does emerge even in newly established companies. We also find a strong influence of foreign mother companies on their Czech daughters. The differences between, for instance, a Swedish- or French-owned company are distinct. Any effort to improve management style is totally dependent on the management perception of what is good and what is bad, what is efficient and what is not. Once we present our analysis, it is the top management of the company to decide whether or not to change the ‘way we do things here.‘ This may be accomplished through a series of workshops, training and outdoor events,“ Miller said. Interquality offers training and consultancy mainly to clients from financial services and the automotive industry; It focuses on training and consultancy in negotiation and general management skills, sales skills, Six Sigma practices, business management strategy and process improvement...


...In Interquality the main challenge during the recession is to maintain their level of quality “We are using a sophisticated tool to measure and analyze corporate culture ... Currently; some of our long-term clients put pressure on us to reduce costs without compromising the level of service.
We expect that the current crisis will put more emphasis on training efficiency; In the near future, of-the-shelf training will be acceptable only on the lowest price level. We expect a higher degree of interplay between training and consultancy‘ Miller said. According to Miller, the qualifications and the accountability of trainers and consultants will gradually increase....
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